Happy Birthday Boxing for Cuba!

November 28, 2008

Today marks the one year anniversary since my publisher, Ghost Road Press, relased my book.  It was done in grand style in cooperation with the Tattered Cover in Lower Downtown Denver who hosted my first reading.  The Tattered Cover has carried the book all year, for which I am deeply grateful to them.  I wanted to mark this anniverasy with this blog entry because the release of the book has brought so many good things to my life.  First of all, a week does not go by that I don’t hear from someone who has read the book.  I am always thrilled—alhough somewhat surprised—that the sharing of my story has had such a profound meaning in someone’s life.   This fact alone has made the whole writing esperience worth the sacrifice.  But there has been more.  My bothers and I have grown closer as a result and have made a more profound effort to be part of one another’s life.  Although i have never doubted my love and respect for them nor theirs for me, it is wonderful to have them as a more integral part of my life.  Most importantly, my daughter Molly, who had been estranged from me for several years, has rediscovered the importance of her relationship with her father, and I am grateful.  She has brought to me a wonderful son in law in her husband and a beautiful grandson.  Yesterday for Thanksgiving we were able to express to one another how thankful we were in having each other back in our lives.

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