Federal Legislation to Remove All Travel Bans to Cuba

October 1, 2009

Just got back from Washington D.C after a day of lobbying the Colorado congressional delegation.  Over 60 delegates from 15 states went to Congress to push for the passage of HB 874 in the House, which has 180 co-sponsors and SB 424 in the Senate that has over 30 co-sponsors.  This may be the year that the U.S. begins to change the outdated and wornout 50 year policies from the cold war towards Cuba.  The legislation does not remove the cruel embargo, but it does take a solid step in making it easier for our best ambassadors—the American people—to intermingle with our Cuban neighbors.  I can’t think of a better way to begin to affect change in Cuba than by removing the travel ban and expose the Cubans to our ideas, our values and our beliefs.

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