boxing for cuba cover
Boxing for Cuba
Guillermo Vincente Vidal
Ghost Road Press
ISBN: 0978945603

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Street date: November 15, 2007
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Book Description: “The whims of politics are at the fore of Guillermo Vincente Vidal’s memoir, in which young boys become men in the shadow of revolution and personal turmoil. Vidal writes about his family’s participation in events that forever altered U.S.–Cuban relations after an effort to free children from the threat of Communist rule sparked Operation Peter Pan. From chance encounters with Fidel Castro and Robert F. Kennedy to life in a dismal Catholic orphanage in Colorado, Vidal perseveres to embrace life as a proud and successful Cuban American. His account is a poignant story of struggle, forgiveness, and the joy of returning home.”

Blurbs: “This is the best book I have read in ages. Guillermo Vidal’s is a remarkable life. I was heartbroken at the finish, not from the story, but because I had no more to read. A lyrical and magical book.” —John Hickenlooper, Mayor, Denver, Colorado

“This is an inspiring story about Guillermo Vidal and the heart wrenching challenges of a son of Cuba displaced from his homeland and family. Even though the emotional toll on his family is immense, Vidal realizes that the sacrifice that his parents endured to give their sons a better life proved to be the ultimate act of love. Vidal is an American success story through his exemplary leadership and service.” —Ken Salazar, U.S. Senator

“This is a haunting coming of age story that reads like a Dickensian novel, though it is all true. A Cuban boy loses both his family and his country, survives several years in an American orphanage, and emerges to become a civic leader in Colorado. At the same time, he offers us a unique and enlightening vantage point on the explosive relationship between the U.S. and Cuba. Both narratives are so seamlessly intertwined that it reads as if they are one.” —Helen Thorpe, journalist

guillermo vincente vidal“The painful narrative of Boxing for Cuba is made bearable because the narrator’s voice is the voice of a natural storyteller. Guillermo Vidal is a witness, and now recounts those years with the attention to detail that makes history and the turbulence of those months come alive. Not an easy book for Cuban exiles to read, but perhaps a necessary one.” —Olga Karman, author of Scatter My Ashes Over Havana

“Guillermo Vidal’s poignant story is a worthwhile read for anyone who wants to understand the immigration experience. From his Cuban childhood to his career as a public servant in Colorado, Boxing for Cuba reveals the enormous struggle, both emotional and economic, which Vidal and his family were able to overcome.” —Roy Romer, former Governor, Colorado”